Canon Powershot G1 X

Canon Powershot G1 X

Who It’s For:

The Canon Powershot G1 X is for the person who wants some of the power and functionality of a DSLR with all of the benefits of having a super compact camera. Canon has stated that this is for photographers who own a big DSLR but still want a functional camera to carry around all the time.

What We Like:

Sensor Size: This is a big one, the sensor on this camera is only 20 percent smaller than an APS-C sensor on a Canon DSLR.

Zoom: This camera has a 28-112mm zoom range which means it has fairly decent reach for

Size: It’s technically a point and shoot, so it’s much smaller than a DSLR. I wouldn’t say you could carry this around in your pocket, but in a purse or shoulder bag, this weighs almost nothing.

What We Don’t:

Price: At $800 dollars this camera is already more expensive than most entry level DSLR’S that are much faster and only a little bigger. It’s a serious compact camera, but I don’t think it’s incredible enough to warrant carrying that instead of a small DSLR for less money.

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