Canon T4i

Canon T4i

Who It’s For:

The Canon T4i is Canon’s newest entry level camera. If you want to make the jump to a DSLR but don’t want to throw a hung amount of money into it, this is the camera for you.

What We Like:

Vari-Angle Screen With Touch Capability: Tired of pressing buttons? This allows you to make quick adjustments without having to search for buttons.

18mp CMOS Sensor: This is more than enough for pretty much anyone. You could print a billboard with this.

Autofocus In Video Mode: This means you no longer have to manually focus your videos. It’s a big step up from previous models.

Auto HDR Mode: This is a bit of a gimmick, but it could be useful in certain situations.

What We Don’t:

Price: At almost $1000, this camera is a bit more expensive, especially when compared to Nikon’s entry level D3200.

Only 18mp: The D3200 wipes the floor with the T4i, with a massive 24mp. So If that’s what’s important to you, You might want to think about going Nikon.

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Andrew Griswold's picture

Alright, looking to pick up my next camera (from the t3) to get a little more serious in photography as I am starting to pick up more freelance. Anyone suggest this camera as a good bump up? I found a body for 629 on DigitalRev. I inherited a great collection of Canon lenses so will def have the glass just looking for a solid body that will last me. 

Andrew Ackerman's picture

I don't think this is going to be the bump up camera you are looking for. I think that if you bought this you would then be looking to upgrade again relatively soon, I always think it is best to purchase something you will have in the longer run then something you will want to upgrade relatively quickly.  The 60d is a nice compromise between the rebels and the 7d.

Carsten Schlipf's picture

 I second the recommendation for a 60d - especially because the display of the t4i is no longer automatically switched of when using the viewfinder. The 60d has the same problem - however you can keep the display switched off and see all settings on the top display.

Andrew Griswold's picture

I'm not real sure what everyones obsession with the 60D is, im really only seeing it as an old piece of tech with a screen on top to read settings. Not really the selling point I was looking for. Just saw the t4i drop to $610 for body only new. It seems like the better choice over the two. Compared side by side they look exactly the same and the fps are better with a less buffer time between firing unlke the 60D which I used a couple week ago that shot 4fps for the first 3 seconds and then did 1fps for about 14 seconds before the buffer cleared. It doesnt help that I find what other see as a gimmick of a touch screen as a huge jump for zipping through settings and zooming into photos faster. It just seems like the better fit for me. Though still havent pulled the trigger and I would like to wait and see what Canon has in store for the between the rebel line and the new 6D that is coming out. Possibly a 7Dii. I would be willing to hold off on the t4i to save to get that. 

CARONISM:Photography's picture

I purchased the T4i earlier this year and it's a great little camera. The touch screen is great and it's light weight makes it ideal for travel without sacrificing image quality. My workhorse is a 7d and I use the T4i as a backup and you would think they were light years apart, but they are not. I have good glass and it works for both. In terms of working toward a higher level of camera, T3 to T4i is not a jump, it's more of a lateral move. If you are ready for a more solid entry into pro-level gear, take a look at the 7D or the new 6D.

Andrew Griswold's picture

Yea, not sure its a lateral choice from a t3. Considering the price is 600 for a new body its a killer deal right now compared to the older 60D thats 700 new. Yes I want to buy new as I want to know what the actuation count is and what happens to the camera from the start. I would look into the 60D but its size scares me as its much heavier and bulkier in hand than the t4i for what it does. The 7D is still going for 1100 at a discount new which is almost double what I am willing to spend not to mention not wanting to switch over to CF cards after SD are so much easier and faster to just plug into the computer and smaller. I figure the t4i can be a really nice camera for what I will be shooting the next 2-3 years while I look to buying up a more solid primary camera which will be a FF most likely. Maybe a 6D if the price goes down. 

Divakar Arora's picture

Sounds like you made your decision already

Travis Johansen's picture

I picked a t4i up off Amazon for $650 with the 18-55mm IS kit lens. Compared to the T3i it's a huge step forward in terms of shooting wedding videography. Aside from the noise looking a lot cleaner, mainly just the screen makes it a LOT nicer shooting. I never noticed it too much on the t3i or the 5d2 (I have one of each) but the t4i just has a much more fluid and instant refresh rate on the screen. It doesn't get as blurry or laggy - it's just way easier on your eyes and I don't get as sick using it for video. 

For photos, honestly I use my Rebel's with the kit lens as my "point and shoot" camera. That's what I call it to my wife and considering the size in comparison to the 5d2 and a big lens- it really is a small camera. 
Compared to the t3 or 5d2/3, the tilting screen really does come in handy for video as well. Often you're shooting at angles that aren't super convenient and being able to swivel and tilt it is SOOO handy. It's also nice to be able to close it and not worry about it getting scratched.
I've got to get back to work but hopefully this little review helps someone!
- Travis

Brian Rhee's picture

More megapixels isn't always a good thing, especially on a smaller sensor.