[DIY Video] Fix Your Lens Hood With Peanut Butter

In this oh so clever DIY video by Casey Neistat, he shows us how he fashioned a replacement lens hood on his Sigma lens by re-using the cap from a peanut butter jar. I'm sure that this method wouldn't work with every lens but if you ever get into a situation like this and need a quick fix, this video just might come in handy.

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Christian Mendoza's picture

Peanut butter jelly time!

Remy Musser's picture

buying it on ebay would be cheaper...

Chris Rich's picture

The video should be renamed the Forrest Gump solution: slightly funny AND functionally retarded.

jojomojo12345's picture

Thanks for the laugh!

Joey Newcombe's picture

This is awesome

Patrick Hall's picture

I love how much attention to detail goes into his videos...this guy has some seriously good production for such a ridiculous task

Go Photography's picture

Cool, or spend 20 bucks and get a replacement. 

Christoffer Fryd's picture

What sigma lens is he using? 

Christoffer Fryd's picture

Okay, tried to use my eyes for 2 seconds. Found it :)

Somebody is a big hip-hop head. Kudos to the Gangstarr instrumentals used in the video!