Fuji X-Pro1

Fuji X-Pro1

Who It’s For:

The X-Pro1 is effectively a beefed up version of the X100, with interchangeable lenses and a tougher body. it’s for amateurs who want a powerful camera in a tiny body and professional photographers who want a camera that is much lighter than their big professional DSLR’s for travel or every day use but still want some of the flexibility of the traditional DSLR system.

What We Like:

Size: This is a fairly small, fairly light camera with a lot of flexibility.

Lenses: This lens has much more flexibility than it’s little brother the X100 with a set of three lenses that were released along with it.

Upgraded LCD: The new LCD has a much wider angle of view and lower reflectivity.

Film Simulation Modes: These are called ProNegS and ProNegH. And they mimic Pro 160NS and Pro 400 NH film.

Retro Design: This will probably be the biggest selling point for a lot of you, it just looks cool.

Sensor: The 16mp APS size sensor is actually pretty versatile.

What We Don’t:

Price: This is definitely aimed at a high end market, but it’s still a great camera so if you can afford it, make the jump.

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