[Gear] The Nikon D4 Is Now Available For Pre-order At B&H

Nikon D4 is up for pre-order at B&H today. They're selling out fast so hurry over to B&H Photo to reserve your copy today so you don't have to wait months once they become backordered! Lee and Patrick have already placed their orders! Take a look at some of the interesting specs below:



Exciting new features found on the Nikon D4 Flagship DSLR:

New 16.2 megapixel CMOS sensor
EXPEED 3 Image Processor
Larger 3.2' LCD
New native ISO 100 up to 12800
10fps Shooting
1080p HD Video
3 video crop modes: Normal FX, Cropped DX, Cropped 2.7x all at 1080p
HDMI out with full uncompressed feed for external monitoring and recording
Off center focusing points rotate when camera is flipped from horizontal to vertical
New in camera audio monitoring with 30 different control levels
Face Detection with facial exposure priority

For the full specs and explanation of features, head over to the full Fstoppers Nikon D4 review

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You say it like everyone here has spare 6 thousand dollars =))))))

I'll decide when I see the specs on the D800 if and whenever that comes out.  

This best news about the Nikon D4 pre-orders: It's gonna be used camera heaven to people who want D700's and D3's! 

D4 Great Camera, Nikon is a Nikon ( my 5Dmk2 say goodbye :) )

It's funny to see how many used D3s, and D700's are popping up on eBay over the past few days..

I've never spent over $2k on a camera and I've been a pro for 7 years. This camera tempted me today and I preorderd a $6000 camera... My car isn't worth much more than that. I figure that this thing will hold its value and if I ever decide it is too much for me I can sell it. I bet once I use it won't want to shoot with anything else though. 

i pre-ordered one today. By the time i sell my D3s, i'll only be shelling out $1,500-$2,000. Upgrading is wonderful :)

Patrick Hall's picture

I just became part of the preorder group as well.  The advantages of the video/audio upgrades will be worth it's weight in gold.  And like Lee said, this camera will hold it's value for a really long time.  The D700 has been the closest camera I've ever had to the flagship but it's time I grow up....well and hanging around all these photographers with 600mm lenses doesn't help either :)

Yup, just pre-ordered as well. I didn't make the Amazon cutoff and I never have trusted Adorama (long story). So I was going to wait until Feb 16th when B&H was supposed to put it on sale. I didn't expect that they would do a pre-order. Well, I'm in line now. Unfortunately, I'll only be selling my D300 and keeping my D700, so I'll pretty much pay the whole nut (ouch!).

I pre-ordered at B&H within 10 minutes of them opening up for orders. After calling them I was told I was #50 on the list and there are several hundred pre-orders. Either there are tons of people in the top 1% or lots of people will be canceling their order when their number is up.