[Gear] Pre-order The Canon 5D Mark III NOW!

Hey Guys! Hopefully you've been saving up because the Canon EOS 5D Mark III is now available for pre-order at BH Photo, Adorama and Amazon! If you're still on the fence, read all about the specs in our previous post here.

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Pfff, like it has become a video camera with the option to shoot still''s,.....
And even on that point it gets beaten by the D800,... Clean HDMI out and more crop modes makes the D800 even in video superior,....WHY ??
And,... I'm a Canon shooter,.... or was,... :(


I believe it is in the market's best interest to have a tool that can do both still's and video exceptionally well.  

I believe the 61 pt autofocus system compared to the 51 pt system will make the Mark III better than the D800.  36mp is completely over the top and unnecessary. 

You also have to remember that it is a DSLR body, if someone wanted to true video camera they would go with a video style body from Canon or Sony or what have you.  I shoot huge amounts of video with my 7D and will be using this 5D Mark III for both studio portraiture, starscape, and documentary work.  A perfect compliment to my system. 

Lots of filmmakers need cheaper cameras like the 5d that they don't mind destroying....I have a friend who shoots $100,000k-$400,000 budget music videos and for him he's not going to risk destroying a RED but will attach a 5D to a skateboard without thinking twice.

These are all tools and just because you might not see a purpose for this or that doesn't mean people who are paid to be creative aren't relying on this technology to bring something new and fresh to the mass media. Canon and Nikon have to cater to all of these markets and when people complain about DSLRs having video when they should just shoot stills annoys me to this day....these cameras aren't more expensive because they now shoot video!

I totaly agree,...

But why not create a even cheaper video camera ? Without the still options ? it should be even cheaper to produce a film-only camera, not?

I'm sry, but i'm just not used to filming and shooting stills being in the same device,... could be just my old-fashioned mind ;)

In the markets best interest,.. Yes i agree.

But in my eye's video on a still camera still is like swearing in a church,.. sorry
i know great video are made with these camera's, but in my opinion they could've spend the time that they spend on research for video on (for example) better ISO handeling, higher framerate due to a even better processor,..

The 61 AF compared to the 9 of the 5DII is a huge improvement I agree, but compared to the 51 of Nikon,... I don't know if those 10 more points will make so much of a difference.
The 5DII users (like myself) used to say that the 9 points of the mark II were just as good as the 51 of the D700,.. or was that just to justify the lack of points for our own satisfaction :D :D

36 mp over the top ? pherhaps it is,.. but did we Canon users say that when de mark II came out with 21mp compared too the 12.3 of the D700 ?
I think that esspacialy for studio use -since you're not wordking with high ISO's- it is a big advantage.

But I agree, I'm very curious about how their ISO handeling will be in the High regions,..

I disagree.  I do not think that 10 extra points of af will make the mk3 better than the d800.  Actually I don't think it will make much of a difference at all.  It is all a matter of preference (as it always has been)  I own a mk2 and a d700 and to tell you the truth... I like them both equally.  The fact is that there is no real reason for me to buy a mk3 though.  I will be looking into a d800 because I do a tremendous amount of portraiture in the studio.  But 61 point af on the mk 3 (IMO) only makes it better than the mk2 

remember guys, the more AF points used the more computing the camera has to do and ultimately the slower the AF actually becomes.  The best AF point is actually the single point middle point; almost always on any camera.  It's funny everyone complains about AF and how amazing 51 or 61 points make the new cameras....but the Sports Illustrated guys all still use the single point to focus.  Food for thought :)

Funny you say that Patrick,  I got my mk2 after I had been shooting with the d700 for quite a while.  I thought that I would be frustrated by the 9 point AF of the mk2.  To my suprise it doesn't bother me one bit.  I have grown accustom to it and it is pretty awesome.  I can maneuver through the points way more easily.  Whether 36mp is too much or not, I can't wait to get my hands on one and test.

After 25Years with Canon i will change to Nikon. As studio/still only photographer Canon has nothing to compete with MF or Nikon

The question is - what happen to the 1d-X its not offered at B&H or Adorama anymore ...?

As someone who purposely bought the 7d over the 5d mark 2 (video and autofocus was much better), I like the refinements of the 5d Mark 3 and am looking forward to my first full frame DSLR. 

I think we've come a long way in DSLR's to where we don't brag about megapixels so much and focus on image quality, and most importantly, the stories we tell. Anything else is just nitpicking. This is a great time. 

i'll be buying this.. i think its got some very nice improvements, and with a new compression scheme and a new processor i think it could improve on video quality a good bit.  good job canon

Great camera but too expensive...

Bad Adorama link Lauren ;-)

This new update doesn't really seem for the still photographer more for the videographer.. its not as WOW as i was hoping...

The bike skills are more awesome then the camera :)

So Mk III is for video photographer??

 Why do they even have video in camera. ? seriously. if you want to shoot video get the video camera. not DSLR.

I need camera without video function. they should have 2 version. with video and without video with cheaper price.
isnt it make photographer more better?

 If a camera makes you better than I'm sorry to say that you're a fool with too much money.

I pre-ordered mine. And I used the link above to do so. If you support this site, use their affiliate link.

There is really not much reason for an upgrade to the 5Dmk3 if you own a 5Dmk2.  I am one of those "oh.. it's new.. I gotta get it"  techie guys but there is very little justification in this case.  Actually, the mk2 is a phenomenal camera and if Nikon had released a camera with the specs of the 5Dmk3 in this day and age, people (especially mk2 owners) would scoff at it.  This is not enough.

Hopefully the mk2 comes down a bit in price, but I still like my nikon for shooting stills. The video is ok if your an amateur like me. It would be nice to get into more video though. Combination stuff is what is happening to everything. So probably expect more in the future. The wireless video feed to your ipad would be really cool. 

The Mark 2 has brought me from photography to cinematography in the past few years, and I had been quite proud for staying loyal with Canon all these years, with its technological innovations such as eyeball focus, image stabilization, and of course cinematography with DSLR.  Sad to say, the current Mark 3 is a total disappointment to me.  There is no major technological advancement, but a commercial decision to preserve the video line of its product.  They seal the capability of the camera to produce the best motion....what a shame!!!

I think the camera's really improved quite a bit from the mark2, mainly cause of the more AF points, higher ISO, better video/audio control. It's obviously geared towards video shooters than photo shooter and because of that I'm hoping they'll lower the price a bit since it seems the price is quite steep at $3500 for what it offers photographers. The best thing it's done so far is lower the mark 2 price's down a bit so a lot more people can purchase that one. Having a 5dmark2 camera already and being mostly a still shooter I probably won't be upgrading to the 5dmark3 any time soon, unless I start doing video work or can justify a $1500 upgrade from the current body. Almost all the time upgrading lenses and money spent on that is better than upgrading to a new body.  

I'am buying this.

now the question is 1dx or 5d mark iii

A two stop improvement in ISO performance is freaking great if you ask me.  It seems that many over look the completely new sensor because the MP count is similar.  I can totally see not wanting to upgrade from the mkII.  Me being a 7D owner.. I'm all in!

I think the Mark 3 is the most sensible thing Canon has done so far. In this day and age, AF speed and ISO performance is what really sets pro cameras apart from the prosumer/amateur cameras.

22mp with better ISO and 1D series AF system, what more do you want?

Personally I lamented the ever increasing MP without improvement in the ISO department for the crop cameras in Canon's line up. I've used and am still using the ancient but good value Canon 40D because there hasn't been anything worth upgrading to in the Canon lineup that I can afford.

The 7D has terrible noise performance (marginally better than a 40D) and the 5D Mk2 has got complaints in the AF department.
7D can't be used for indoor events and 5D Mk2 can't be used for most events.
After testing 7D, 5D Mk2 and 1D Mk3, I rented a 1D Mk3 to cover my latest event.

Fast AF, low noise, excellent camera except not particularly suited for making large prints.

Now you get 5D Mk3, fast AF, incredibly good noise performance and 22mp at 6fps. Events or studio, day or night, Mk3 has got everything covered.

Now, let's hope they've got the 7D upgrade correct in the noise department.