The Hasselblad H5D-50c Is Currently 50% Off

The Hasselblad H5D-50c Is Currently 50% Off

Here's a deal that sounds good on the surface, but many would argue isn't a deal at all. The $28,500 Hasselblad H5D-50C is more than 50% off at B&H. Sadly, it still costs more than my car. 

The H5D-50C came out in 2014. It's hardly two years old, and it has already plummeted in value. I've heard some people argue that this camera is leaps and bounds above DSLRs, and I've heard others say that cameras like the Nikon D810 can outperform the medium format monster is almost every way other than pure resolution in ideal lighting conditions. I personally have never used it, so I can't comment on the value of a camera like this, but if you're ready to make the move to medium format, now may be the time. Just remember, this camera could keep dropping in value. Imagine how the photographers who purchased this at retail price a few months ago feel. 

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Simon Patterson's picture

It's never a good sign for a company when its product plummets in value like that.

You should probably go back and finish the second sentence of this article.

Seth Lowe's picture

Everyone realizes the HD6 is out now, correct? The new 50 megapixel HD6 retails for 26,000, so obviously they will lower the price on the old version. Not sure how this is a "bad sign for the company" rather than a logical pricing strategy that falls in line with new product pricing.

Simon Patterson's picture

Lowering the price somewhat of the older product, in the wake of the new model, is normal. Halving the price, before the new model is even available, is highly irregular. It therefore does not send a good signal to the market.

But of course, only time will tell what it is leading to.

Seems like a great way to get fence-sitters to pull the trigger and to be hooked into the Hasselblad eco-system. With line of leaf shutter lenses it makes a strong alternative to the Pentax.

Henry Louey's picture

That's a lot of TFP's to pay for this camera body!

Sean Molin's picture

Sorry, I only deal in TFCD.

Adam T's picture

I only deal in TFB in PUB

jonas y's picture

I believe lenses sells are what they profit from.

Joakim Drake's picture

They dropped the price with 40% back in december and now they dropped it a few more % to make way for the new H6D.

Article is buying into the whole 50% off narrative, but that's just an old salesman trick comparable to your local clothes store sale where price is 50% off but it was never 50% more expensive to begin with.

I wonder when the H6D drops by 40% btw? Anyone care to guess?

/end rant :)

Deleted Account's picture

It will drop when they bundle it with the new 80mm lens. Not by 40% but there will probably be some sort of instant rebate added.

Matthew STURGESS's picture

HD6 is out in June's not out 'yet' I played with one on the weekend (see pic) they are still ironing out the 'color science' to make it perfect. The H5D is a terrific bit of kit and well worth it at this discount - <if> you are a professional studio photographer.

Deleted Account's picture

The H6D is a complete overhaul of the H5D. New body, new back and new lenses. When a manufacturer overhauls their entire line, they try to get rid of the old stock so that it doesn't end up being Dead stock when the new model is out. Basic fundamentals of business 101. That being said, I bought an "Old model" once when newer equipment was out and was thoroughly disappointed with my purchase once I held the new one in my hands. I'll never do that again. And I'm one of those fence sitters with the 645Z mentioned earlier. This discount doesn't interest me in the least. I'll save my pennies until I can get the H6D.

Lee Morris's picture

If you're unhappy with a camera when the new version comes out will you be happy 1 or 2 years after the h6d is replaced and your camera loses 80% of its value?

I certainly understand wanting new gear but that's an expensive price to pay for the latest and greatest.

Deleted Account's picture

every piece of equipment in this business depreciates in value as it ages and the more it is used. I personally would rather pay up for the best offering, best technology, best sensor, etc. rather than try and save a few bucks buying what used to be top of the line. I in no way mean to say everyone thinks like me or should think like me. We all have to live within our own means and budget accordingly. As for me though, if I'm going to spend $6000 per lens anyway, I am going to put them on the best body I can afford at the time. It doesn't mean I will upgrade with each generation but if I'm going to start on a new system, I will start with the best they offer at the time.