Inexpensive Pieces of Gear That Every Landscape Photographer Should Have

After we've bought all the important pieces of kit we need for landscape photography — a camera and tripod — there are other not so obvious things we pick up along the way when we realize we almost can't do without in certain situations. This video takes a look at some of the cheap and useful things that one of the world's best landscape photographers packs in his bag.

Landscape photographer and filmmaker, Michael Shainblum, has experienced a wide range of conditions while out photographing landscapes or capturing cityscape time-lapses. In doing so, sometimes he finds that certain pieces of gear either make his life a whole lot easier or become integral to getting the shot he wants. The one that stood out the most to me was the lens skirt. While I don't often find myself shooting through windows, there are a few times where I've regretted not having one — almost always atop a skyscraper with breathtaking views during sunset or twilight.

Something I keep in my bag, which Shainblum doesn't mention, is some type of multitool like this one, which is especially useful for fixing a loose or wobbly tripod. There's just something about a loosely swinging tripod leg that spawns an unnecessary yet very real rage inside me, so I'm never without it. If that doesn't fix my problem, I also pack a Leatherman-type multitool in my bag. The blade has come in handy a few times when I've had to jimmy something loose.

What pieces of cheap gear do you find useful? 

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jim hughes's picture

I've been meaning to make a "lens skirt" for years. Because I didn't know it was called a "lens skirt" and that I could just buy one!

Steve Oishi's picture

Thanks for doing a video of things that are both inexpensive and useful. Seems like most camera stuff out there is either super expensive, pretty crappy, or both.

Michael Dougherty's picture

I never leave home without a microfiber cloth, LCD loupe, and knee pads.