Macbook Pro 16 Gets a GPU Update and Outperforms iMac Pro

The new Macbook Pro 16 just received an update on the graphics card side. Now, it can be customized with the latest AMD 5600M GPU, and according to this test, it outperforms the iMac Pro.

It hasn't been long since Apple introduced the new 16" Macbook Pro. It has been available either with the 4 GB or 8 GB AMD Radeon Pro graphics card. However, AMD released a new Apple-specific graphics card, the Radeon PRO 5600M, and the first tests reveal a noticeable increase in the performance.

Unlike the 5500M memory module, the new 5600M comes with the HBM2 memory instead of the GDDR6. The HBM2 (a.k.a. High-Bandwith Memory 2) has been an alternative to GDDR memory technology, and despite its high manufacturing cost, it provides better performance in some instances.

In this video, Max Yuryev of Max Tech tests out the new 16” Macbook Pro with the Radeon Pro 5600M and compares his results with the previous best graphics options available both on the Macbook Pro and the 5K iMac Pro. His initial test results show a better performance compared to the previous Macbook Pro models and the iMac models with top specs.

This new graphics card option is only available on the 16” Macbook Pro.

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Deleted Account's picture

Cool, but it's still way expensive. Mac OS, the screen, and that sleek aesthetic are just not worth the extra $2-3k over the $900 4800h/RTX2060 laptop I just bought, imo.

I'm not saying I don't want one ;)

Rick Rizza's picture

My Dell XPS15 can perform 60 fps on 4k playing Tomb Rider Lara Croft. The downside is, playing the Last of Us Part II makes the game even more disgusting than it was. Anyway, video rendering was quick, giving me enough short coffee break, and photo rendering is always amazing. The price is nuts for a lapto, about 1800 EUR, but nit as expensive as, you know.

Przemek Lodej's picture

Does it also overheat like a barbecue as the last batch? Apple needs some serious look at their designs. I get the whole minimalistic and sleek thing, but cooling of these machines is a serious problem. Oh yea...the OS and sleekness does NOT warrant their outrageous pricing considering they are using the same components as Windows based laptops. Plus their customer service can pretty much go suck donkey balls.

Deleted Account's picture

Unless it's crashing, getting hot isn't really considered "overheating" these days. Take a look at Dell's "gaming" laptops (not Alienware but the Inspiron / G3-7 line) if you want to see how bad it can get.

I'd wager this is why apple is sticking with the 5600 instead of 5700 and RTX 2060-2080.

Jonathan Levitt's picture

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