[News] The New Nikon D800 Might Actually Look Like This

Everyone has been waiting for the new Nikon D3s and D700 replacement cameras for what seems like forever. Nikon Rumors recently opened a whole can of worms as they released photos that the rumor blog owner stats as being 99% legit. However new speculations have come out from another reliable source over at DigitalRev. We here at Fstoppers aren't going to claim we know what the next Nikon DSLR will actually look like so instead we pose this question: Which version of the Nikon D800 do you think is more accurate and which one excites you the most? Check out the side by side comparison of both speculated versions of the camera below and leave your thoughts in the comments. I'd actually be more interested in the DigitalRev version but that's just me.

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Nicholas Ripley's picture

The Dig Rev account would be what I would expect. 

Gary Loy's picture

I hope the Dig Rev account is the more accurate.  36 mgp is just stupid.

Alberto Oscarelli's picture

36mp is nonsense...and why would I need face recognition on a $3500 (or more) camera? Maybe It's just me...

Patrick Hall's picture

For event photography I'd love to have face recognition (and even more facial metering for flash). As good as the af features have gotten, why not have a setting that focuses on the eyes or mouth when detected? I'd find that really helpful for weddings

Lee Morris's picture

I am actually so excited about facial recognition. If I could also have facial metering my life would be complete

Lee Morris's picture

I am so excited about this Digital Rev post. This camera turned from something I probably wouldn't buy to one that I will buy at least 2 copies of. 

Ghislain Leduc's picture

hopefully, 18MP is the way to go.... 35MP is just too big, pixel would be too small... it would make sense with what Nikon said earlier this year "We will balance MP and ISO performance"

Facial recognition, it would be nice but really, does it perfectly work? I think even during wedding it wouldn't be that great, I want to make sure my focus is in the eyes.. and group shot, you would have to disable it all the time... nah... not for me :)

Mark Kauzlarich's picture

The only thing is that I would like to have some assurance that the ISO quality exceeds or meets that of the D3s and that you could put a grip on it for extra FPS or it only will meet the quality of my D7000 with the full frame sharpness. I'm waiting to buy a D3 right now used, and I need the FPS for sports. We'll see what happens.

★★★ Tam Nguyen ★★★'s picture

I agree that 36MP for anything above 3k is nonsense. The whole point of the Dxxx (3 digits) FF series is for prosumer and up, not pro. $3500 seems like a pro price tag to me.

36 MP is also stupid. The whole point is to increase resolution while decreasing pixel density for low light situations. Packing more and more pixels and we're back to square one. This ain't Hassy!

Barron Skurril Von Snickerspan's picture

The fact that you don't think that the d700 which has the same specs as the d3 but in a smaller package is not a pro body and that the d300 is not nikon prosumer body pretty much dictate that your input is not required. Ever.

Kewal Rai's picture

Hope the Digital Rev post is the real deal which means I will start saving up more than Im doing right now (for strobes) so that I can get my hands on this jewel asap when it appears.

Bastien Chong's picture

I have hope again ! Kai @ digital rev, we want a D800 opening box video !

Petar Todorinski's picture

I hope the Digital Rev  version will come true

Jim Wilson's picture

Is it possible they're releasing two cameras? It would make sense to have a high MP (36MP) option for those who need it and another version, 18MP 6 (8) FPS with better ISO performance! Maybe they're switch up their lines a bit?

Gur Mike Lev's picture

There have been a rumor about two versions of this body coming out... maybe. 

Mr Blah's picture

If they release that 36mpx low iso thing they are screwed. The gap the D700 was filling will be left wide open (relatively low cost FX format with good iso performance).

If they go 36 mpx, etc... their will be the d7000, D800, D3s, D3x (which would get outshined by the D800)... makes no sens AT ALL.

The 18 mpx is alot closer to what would be a logical improvement on the D700. The nikon rumors one would be a good replacement for a D3x (D4 maybe)... Two version of the same body wouldn't be a bad idea exept it could confuse those customer with more money than knowledge...

I would not feel sorry for the customer with more money than knowledge if he gets confused looking at a camera in this price range. 

Mike M's picture

The Nikon Rumors Specs always seemed a little bit high for me.  I'd expect the Digital Rev specs to be more accurate. 

Nikon isn't going to compromise their golden calf's (D3x's) sales just set.

Stephen DesRoches's picture

There should be a 4th option on the poll - "It doesn't matter because we still can't buy either yet" #Bah #Humbug

Mike Osborne's picture

Nikon Rumor specs read more like an update for the D3x - huge sensor, low fps, aimed more at fashion/advertising photogs. Why everyone jumped on it for a definate D700 replacement is lost on me, it just doesn't make sense. Digital Rev may still prove to be wrong when it's finally announced, but they seem a lot more realistic for this range of camera. 

Gur Mike Lev's picture

I'm interested in seeing what Nikon Rumors has to say about this...

Gur Mike Lev's picture

Nikon Rumors just answered back saying:

"I think they are wrong, 100% wrong. There will not be a 18MP D800. There will only be a version with the AA filter. The D4 may be 18MP, but not the D800."

Anonymous's picture

Is it me, or is F-Stoppers totally bias to Nikon? Not trying to be the bad guy here but shouldn't this be about photography, and not any particular bend? (For the record I use both Nikon, and Canon for the past 10 years... Heck, I still love shootin' with my old D100! lol) To me, I believe they both have their strengths... to me.) (I say this in response to: "EVERYONE has been waiting for the new Nikon D3s and D700...") 

Destin Danser's picture

That's just because all the guys that run the site are Nikon shooters. So they pay alot more attention to what Nikon is up to, because it's actually going to affect them. If you want updates on canon, there are a million sites run by canon shooters (Cheesycam comes to mind)

Anonymous's picture

Wasn't really shooting for info on Canon. I'm well aware of various sites covering different cameras. I just really, really like f-stoppers and what they do, so it was an honest question... 

Lee Morris's picture

We don't have a problem with other manufacturers, we all just shoot Nikon so we don't know much about anything else :)

Anonymous's picture

Lee, appreciate the simple explanation. You only know what you know, so thanks. BTW, keep doin' what you're doin' thousands upon thousands of us Canon and Nikon users love every bit of it! :)

Mark Alameel's picture

I agree with your statement. I do not care for "brand" news. If you can't cover all the major camera news, then don't cover any of it and stick to photography, which is why I am here. Don't make it worse by covering rumors as news or photography (for any brand).

I am fine with major releases being reported. When you talked about the Canon 1Ds X release, there was some slight negative undertones in that post but here there is all excitment... in a RUMOR post for Nikon. Just silly and the kind of thing that will convince me to go elsewhere.

Tomasz Krywienko's picture

What about D400? I think that d800 will have 18mpx because 32mpx is too much for this class body. We'll see next week :)

Tim Woodard's picture

At this point in the game it doesn't matter. I was waiting to get the D700 replacement but now I am just going to try and save for a D3s.

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