Nikon 300mm f/4D AF-S IF-ED

Nikon 300mm f/4D AF-S IF-ED

Who It’s For:

The 300mm f/4 is for those of you who need a sharp 300mm prime lens, and don’t need extra ability to shoot in low light. So, if you need to shoots sports, but are always shooting in the middle of the day, this is the lens for you. It’s also a superb headshot lens.

What We Like:

Price: This lens is nearly 5 times cheaper than it’s f/2.8 brother so as long as you don’t need the extra speed, this is a great value.

Sharp: The fact that this lens only stops down to f/4 means that this lens will be even sharper wide open, but this lens is tack sharp at all apertures.

Size: This lens isn’t nearly as massive as it’s big brother.

Ability To Accept Filters: This lens will accept standard 77mm filters which give you lots of options that you wouldn’t have with the strictly drop in filter f/2.8

What We Don’t: 

Speed: Granted this is not meant to be a super fast lens, the f/4 can be somewhat limiting.

Lacks Coatings: The f/4 model lacks some of the professional coatings of it’s f/2.8 brother so chromatic aberration might be an issue in some situations.

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