Nikon D800E

Nikon D800E

Who It’s For:

The Nikon D800E is Nikon’s long awaited replacement to the D700 intended for professionals and advanced amateurs. This camera is incredible for portrait and landscape photographers and anyone who needs an incredible amount of detail in their finished image. The difference between the D800 and the D800E is the lack of Anti-Aliasing filter on the D800E. This adds a certain amount of sharpness to the E model, but also increases the chance of color moire.

What We Like:

Price: At just under $3000, the D800E delivers a huge amount of pro level features for a fraction of the cost of the D4. Also, the batteries used are the same as in the D7000 so they’re inexpensive and readily available.

Resolution: At 36MP the D800E has the highest megapixel count of any currently available DSLR, which not only gives you the freedom to make high-resolution crops, but also provides a huge amount of detail for post processing.

ISO Performance: The D800E has incredible ISO performance with a range from ISO 100 – 12,800 in full, half or third stops and ISO 50 – 204,800 in special modes.

Card Slots: The D800E has a single SD slot, and a single CF slot which provides for a great deal of flexibility when shooting. You can use one card as a backup or use them both as separate cards, which allow for a huge storage capacity, which you’ll need when you’re shooting 75mb RAW files.

Video: While not as amazing as the Nikon D4, the video on the D800 is still incredible, with very little “jello” effects.

No Anti Aliasing Filter:  This increases the sharpness of the final images, but means that there's also the chance for color moire when photographing repeating patterns.

What We Dislike:

File Sizes: The 36MP files from the D800 take up a huge amount of space. 14-bit Uncompressed RAW files are a whopping 75mb. If you’re a wedding photographer or someone who shoots a lot, this is going to be an issue.

Price of the Battery Grip: At $500, the battery grip for the D800E is very expensive. Luckily there are knockoffs

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Uhm... I might have missed something here, but I think you guys might wanna check on the ISO capabilities of the D800e...? If it can be boosted to 204.800 ISO then I really really need you to tell me how, for as far as I'm concerned my D800 only goes to 25.600 ISO and I could really use that extra boost in sensitivity ;) 

Mmmmm.... I Personal wait for the right Camera from Nikon.I mean the d800 is great but has this BIG files and i wait for a Camera that hasn't so much Pixel but is more professional like the d600. Hope Nikon is working on a Camera than this. The D4s is great also really expensive ;)