Is Nikon Planning a Second Mirrorless APS-C Camera for Next Year?

Is Nikon Planning a Second Mirrorless APS-C Camera for Next Year?

Following the release of the diminutive and affordable Z 50 a few months ago, Nikon is thought to be following up with a second, higher-specification APS-C camera due for release at the end of next year. What are the specifications and how much will it cost?

While Canon’s mirrorless cameras are split between two lens mounts, Nikon has decided to back its Z-mount with both full-frame and APS-C, with the Z 50 (check out this review) leading the way as Nikon’s first crop-sensor mirrorless body. Boasting a 20.9-megapixel sensor and a burst rate of 11 frames per second, it offers very appealing specifications in a reassuringly ergonomic body for a lot less than $1,000.

Suddenly, is reporting that Nikon has a second APS-C body in the pipeline due for release at the end of 2020, with the expectation that it will be called the Z 70, and arriving with higher speficiations than the Z 50. Apparently, prototypes featuring both 26- and 24-megapixel sensors from Sony are currently being tested, but it’s not clear how else it will improve on the Z 50. My guess is a burst rate using the electronic shutter that’s in excess of 15 frames per second and possibly a significant step up in video performance. IBIS will almost certainly be included, and is 4K 60p a possibility?

I’m fascinated to see how this will be priced. What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below.

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They should. A d500 dx flagship level. This z50... Sheesh. That 30 day try out period wont even help

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I still believe Nikon would have been better served putting their limited R&D into more rapidly filling out the FF Z-mount offerings, but now that they've gone this far down the path, I think they should make a $400-500 Z-mount kit to replace the D3400 on Best Buy and Target shelves.

As a Nikon fan (and Sony, Canon, Fuji, Panasonic and Olympus fan - yes, I'm weird) I love the idea of a mini Z6 style DX offering at the kind of price point. In all honesty I don't need (as in don't really use) a wide selection of lenses so an entire line of Z lenses would be wasted on me.

I know some people have a need for different lenses, but I wonder how many people really *need* such a wide selection as compared to *wanting* a large selection. For working pros I can see the need, but for the rest of us I'm not so sure.

For me personally the S 24-70 (F4 variant) would cover me for 99% of what I'd ever need.

Doesn't stop me wanting the other lenses, of course :)

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I would say that is probably in the works.

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Unless it's the mirrorleess equivalent of a D500, Nikon would be digging deeper into their grave if they put out another piece of crippleware.

The idea is Nikon drops a DX sensor into a Z6 body. Design effort is minimal. They will then have three cameras with almost identical mechanical components. Just what Nikon needs in a shrinking market. Next step is an entry level full frame camera with a Z50 body. Both ideas have been discussed on various websites.

A Nikon Z60 or Z70 with more buttons and IBIS would be great. And lots of more native APS-C lenses.

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Nikon should really reinvent its lens arsenal. Imagine a 500pf in Z mount. Or a 200-500 in Z mount. It will be amazing.

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Seems plausible given the Z50 doesn't really aim at D500 users (D7500 to a lesser extent). Nikon should go all mirrorless for their APS-C line, and I'd like to see a full frame sensor in the Z50 body though.

I shoot wildlife with DX format and would love a compliment to my D500. Many times I am very close to wildlife and would love a silent shutter. High frame rate is always a plus as well.