Polaroid Launches New Go Camera With Smaller Film Format

Polaroid Launches New Go Camera With Smaller Film Format

Polaroid has launched a new pocketable instant camera with its very own smaller film format.

At 2.6 inches wide (66mm), the new film is approximately three-quarters of the size of traditional Polaroids. The iconic SX-70 and 600 films measure 3.4 inches wide (88mm).

The Polaroid Go film format is also smaller than Fujifilm's Instax Square photos, which measure 2.8 inches wide (72mm).

The camera has features that many instant photographers will love including an easy-to-use double exposure mode, self timer, and selfie mirror. 

The starter set includes the camera, USB charging cable, neck strap, quick start guide, and a double pack of Go Color film containing 16 images.

The legendary photographic company encourages you to "Create big, smaller, with the new Polaroid Go camera and film. The tiniest new member of the Polaroid family is your portable, wearable, partner in creativity."

Like Polaroid's iType cameras, the camera can be charged by USB. The company claim that one charge can power 15 packs of film. Like Polaroid's other films, development time for each image is listed as 10-15 minutes.

The launch is expected to be popular, with Polaroid limiting customers to a maximum of five sets each.

Key Specifications

Camera dimensions: 5.9 x 3.3 x 2.4 in (105 mm x 83.9 mm x 61.5 mm)

Weight (without film pack): 0.53 lbs (242 grams)

Color: White

Battery: High-performance lithium-ion battery, 750mAh, 3.7 V nominal Voltage, 2.7 Wh, rechargeable via USB

Estimated battery life: 15 packs

Outer shell: Polycarbonate + ABS plastics

Lenses: Polycarbonate resin

Shutter speed: 1/125-30 sec

Aperture: f/12 and f/52 Focal length: 34 mm (35 mm equivalent)

Field of view: Diagonal 65.1°, Horizontal 48.1°, Vertical 49.1 degrees

Matt Murray is a travel and portrait photographer from Brisbane, Australia.

Matt loves shooting with compact cameras: both film and digital. His YouTube features reviews of film cameras, film stocks, and travel photography with the Ricoh GR III, Fujifilm X100V, and Olympus OM-1.

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