Speedlight 430EX II

Speedlight 430EX II

Who It’s For:

This is Canon’s second best professional Speedlight, which is for anyone who needs a (comparably) light weight, powerful flash. It’s a little big on top of a camera, but it’s definitely worth the extra heft because this is a very versatile flash. It’s not as powerful as the 580EX II, but it’s cheaper, so if you don’t need the extra features and extra power, this is a great flash for people on a budget.

What We Like:

Cost: It’s cheaper than the 580EX, and for may uses this is all you need so it’s a good value.

Size: This flash is much smaller than the giant 580EX, so if size matters, this is a great flash.

Optimum White Balance: This flash communicates with your camera to develop an optimum white balance for the situation.

Improved Recycle Time: Canon claims there is a 20% improved refresh rate from the 430EX.

What We Don’t:

Lack Of Commander Mode: This flash lacks the ability to control other flashes and can only work in slave mode.

Power: The 580EX and EX II have a considerable power advantage

Not Weather Sealed: The newer 580EX II is weather sealed which depending on the work you’re doing, can be very important.

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