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Which Fujifilm Camera to Buy Depending on Your Budget

Fujifilm might not be a part of the top 3 camera manufacturers based on sales, but they are a titan in their own right and growing at a rate of knots. Here is a buyer's guide for all budgets.

I recently wrote an article about the best cameras currently on the market which are not made by the big 3 manufacturers: Canon, Nikon, and Sony. Hot on the heels of the big 3 is undoubtedly Fujifilm, whom have been steadily launching brilliant camera after brilliant camera for some time. That has never been truer than the last 18 months or so which has seen the brilliant medium format GFX 100, the X-T4 (seminal successor of the best selling X-T3,) and the X100V which I'd call Lord of the Compacts.

In this video, Andrew of Andrew & Denae goes through a buyer's guide for Fuji cameras with budgets covered from less than $500, through to the best part of $2,000. There's quite the selection in here, so if you're considering purchasing a Fuji body, it's a must watch.

Which Fujifilm camera would you recommend and why? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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