New Zeiss Otus 28 mm f/1.4

I rarely get excited about new gear anymore, but this lens looks very promising for architecture, especially interiors. I've found 28-35mm to be a sweet spot for interior vignettes, partial room shots, etc, so this beast should fit the bill perfectly if it performs as well as they promise. Thoughts?

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Nice, just noticed that autocorrect changed the title to "otis" not otus..

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Doh! Let me fix that for you ;-)

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No idea what its distortion characteristics are but I'd imagine they'd be very good. It's probably sharper in the corners than my 16-35 too but I can't justify it. Paying big dollars for 1.4 aperture is worth it if you use it, but I'd rarely find the use for a 28mm 1.4 shot in my architectural photography. I won't be trading in the 24mm Tilt-shift for it, put it that way.