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New To Group - First Post

Hi Everyone,

Just joined, looking forward to the discussions. I'm new to photography, having gotten a D3200 about 3 months ago. I take mostly running, telemark skiing, and longboard photos now, but will also basically shoot anything for practice. I have a long way to go, but am really loving the journey and try and study up everyday. Here are a couple of my latest images. Any sort of feedback is great! Not sure on how the images upload, but there are three: 1) Longboard race photo from last Sunday, 2) Sunrise trail running photo from last week, 3) Ski photo from the last storm day.

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Hey peter, Welcome to the group.
Your photos all look solid, the exposure is good, and the subjects are frozen in action. Having motion blur can be used to create dramatic photos but I think it is good to start by having the people frozen and sharp.

I like the long board photo but I find the 4th rider in the back to be a bit distracting. I realize there is nothing you can do about that but I just wanted to point that out.

I really like the composition of the running photo, the way the trail leads you into the shot is great but I wish the runner was in focus instead of the background. I find I have a hard time focusing on the runner and keep looking around at the background.

I like how the skier is shot against the clear sky, but I personally like to see the where the rider took of and landed in the same shot. I have always been more of an athlete than a photographer so that might just be something I like. It also looks like you went a little heavy with the post processing.

I don't want it to seem like I am bashing you or telling you what to shoot, photography is an art and you are always free to do whatever you like. I just wanted to share my thoughts.
Looking forward to seeing more photos from you.

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Thanks Chris, good points. That was my first longboard photoshoot, it was a race and so they were all coming around the corner. I got a lot of other good shots from it that I may post. As for the runner, I agree, I usually go for the runner in focus and the background blurry, but I switched it around in this photo. Lends more to the nature of the shot and takes away from the runner, which as you note, could be good or bad depending. Yes, on the skier I did a bit more post-processing to get him to pop. My lens could not capture the takeoff and landing, too big of a jump. I've been messing with a unsharp mask then high pass technique that I can't decide if I like it or not. It really makes things pop in the photo, but depending can also make it a bit over processed. Thanks for the feedback!