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How do you guys feel about this shot?

Recently went to one of my business' clients, and decided to take some action shots. The lighting inside wasn't the greatest, so I had to bump up the ISO, but I'm pretty happy with how this shot turned out. There is a little out of focus part near kicking knee, but I think overall it's a nice shot.

Any pointers? I don't own lighting equipment or anything.

ISO 2000 50mm f/1.8 SS 1/125

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I think the background is a bit cluttered, but other than that the photo is great. Coincidentally, you played the light to really define his muscle and that helps a lot with the feel. I would also like to see a bit more of him, how his foot is planted, the bottom of the bag to see how much it moved, etc. I know this was kinda a rushed comment but hope it helps.

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Thank you!

You are correct about wanting to see the rest of his body. I regret not backing up a bit more to take the shot (was using a 50mm prime lens) I just didn't want to include the rows and rows of bags. I feel like it would have added to the clutter, and I would have cropped it anyway. BUT, I could have just cropped out on the left, and kept his full body.

Appreciate the help!

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nice man

but why watermark

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I take these shots for the company I work for, and there have been instances where people will take my/our photos and use them as "their own".

But I get what you are saying, I don't really need to WM when showing on here.