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Interesting group for body art

Hi everyone, just found out about groups on FS and I think is a good place to interact and share some ideas

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These are really beautiful. I have a couple questions for you.

I'm assuming the lighting is a smallish soft light, maybe a shoot through or small softbox....any insight on what you did here?

Also, for the skin, is this a retouching technique or do you have your models moisturize before a shoot? I'm always curious if photographers are getting this look with pre shoot preparation or in post.

Finally, and maybe my most important question is where are you getting these props? That slate looking pedestal looks amazing! I'm not even sure what the second one is but that's freaking cool too. I'm pretty cynical when it comes to "nude photography" but this stuff is excellent.

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Great technique Angel! This work is just fantastic.

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fantastic work!

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Great job, Angel!

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@Patrick Hall - I usually have the models apply either oil or some sort of lotion to give their skin some shine. If I know the final is a contrasty b&w I have them really oil up and shoot with a harsh light in close. Angel has done some great work with these images.
I tend to use either a white beauty dish if I want something harder than softbox but softer then bare direct light. Also a trick I use is using "V" flats and bouncing the light in those. they may have either a silver or white interior to bounce the light off.

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Incredible images, they belong in a museum.

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This is really blow my mind away. Excellent Angel!!!