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Black and White ambience

Hi everyone:
I did a series of images with the same model in two different scenarios.
The ones in white ambience were shot with natural light, and the ones with black background, were done in studio with strobe lightning. In my images my purpose is the admiration of the female figure with an attitude of enigma.

The images in this post have been flagged as NSFW.
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Leon Knight's picture

Nice images. I would have suppressed the light some in the second frame but overall this is good work.

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Thank you Leon for your comment!

Peter Henry's picture

This is a good work i love the black and white

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Thank you Peter. Although the original shot is done in color (RAW), in my head is always previsualized in B&W.

Vishnupriyan Kartha's picture

beautiful composition...Yeah the light in the econd frame is it more i think...

Benedikt Kuenstler's picture

Brilliant. To me these pictures are perfect. Thank you for showing them.

Daniel Jones's picture

Nice work. I like the lighting and the poses are great. So easy to get something that doesn't look natural with this type of photography and shot. But, she did great and so did you. Love the light and dark feel of each series, too. Really good stuff.