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New, but not to the game…

Hello, my name is Brian and I am new to this group. I love photography and look forward to sharing, viewing, and conversing with you all. Here are a few pieces of my work…

The images in this post have been flagged as NSFW.
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hmmm, the third is good, very good... 1st and 2nd missing some story.

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I love them, especially the second one, the angle and point of view is very intimate but also kind of romantic as well.
The first one looks very relaxing and almost like she is stretching before doing yoga.
The last one is technically good, but I don't like how sharp the forearms come into the photo from the top down. I think it would look better without them in the photos, have you tried that?

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Interesting, different images each with a unique style. No 2 is my favourite.

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Hi Brian, thank you for sharing Please take my personal opinion as no offence to your work.For me the angle of the first two images could have been better shooting from the top Actually the second image seems to ridicule her body shape:(
The third image model's arms seems adds a bolgy shape also the Pearls are more a distracting element than delicacy. Again take it as a contractive critic. All the best!!!

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First I like all 3 of them, with some minor comments: #1 a little more angle or arching the body would have been a nice touch, #2 Again adding an arch to her back to lift her upper body just a bit would have added a bit more interest in the image and having her point her feet toward the camera and flat.
#3 pearls are a bit too much, cute little shape between legs almost looks like a heart. try adding a bit more contrast to the image to give it some "pop" to it.
Overall a great set of images.

1st - I really like the texture of the sand and the vignette, as well as the style of black and white you chose, but agree with the others that the pose/angle isn't quite right. If possible, I would go back to that same spot and try again, as there is almost something very nice there. Note, it isn't a bad photo, I like it! I just see more potential there.

2nd - I agree about the comments on the toes. Overall I think she could wear a bikini for this shot and you have something you could almost sell to a tourism website as the colours are great. I guess what I am saying is give her a reason to be nude. Again, nice shot though, very interesting.

3rd - My favourite of these. Not sure if I agree with the others about extra contrast or removing the pearls. Think you have done very well with this one!

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#2 best of the lot, it has visual strength. Black and white is tricky and works best with some sharp contrast.