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Nude in the Outback

Series from the upcoming book Nudes in the Outback, Volume I
Locations: Pinnacles at Cervantes, Sand Dunes at Cervantes, Forest of Margaret River, friend of the forest, Vineyards in Margaret River, Wheat Fields of Hyden, after 6 days of travel even the model gets a bit feral, a long road still to travel.
This was a shoot that took 1 model on a 6 day trip around the southwest of Australia travelling 3000km with photographer and assistant.

All images are copyright by ©2018 jLorenzo Photography

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George Popescu's picture

Great shots, I trust no animals were harmed by the model once she turned feral in the outback? :)

Anonymous's picture

I love the pose on #2

I will buy the book if I can afford it! :)

Mike Young's picture

I like the fourth shot, very natural.

David Brugman's picture

First photo: Great example of optimising the dreaded "high noon" sun. Very nice balance of textures and colours.