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New Here

Hello everyone. New to the group and wanted to say hello. Here is some of my work

The images in this post have been flagged as NSFW.
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No.1 is the winner, all the time! Good pose and light.

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Truly I don't like the first one, seems pretty simple. The second one is very interesting, I think it just needs some post-prod to make it blend & pop. Third, it's good to see some masculinity around, not gay but this group looks more like a voyeuristic den. The last one is very well executed and has some interest to it.

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Second one, hands down. Excellent composition, and she really pops from the more neutral (i.e. not under or over saturated) background.

The fourth one is also A+. Excellent shadow, light, and the red of the chair really pops without being too much. And the smoke creates a very nice effect.