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Woman in the water

I threw a woman into the water again. The clothes are dry and lying on the edge.

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Vito Cagnazzo's picture

If you try to rotate the image of 90° on the right, it can be a very impressive image.
But it's already very nice for the reflex and the colors

Christian Zink's picture

For the leg position would have to be different from my point of view. I also have some rotated pictures. This should be pure, natural and simple.

Vito Cagnazzo's picture

5 stars for me

Bill Lemon's picture

Well done....

Vladimir Dumbrava's picture

Magnifique! 5 stars from me!!

Christian Zink's picture

Thank you. Some may have only given a 3 or less. I wonder what they are doing for photos.

Vladimir Dumbrava's picture

They're doing exactly the same thing to me. I doubt they're professional opponents. Only the photographer really appreciates the work behind a photo and understands it.

Ian Oliver's picture

I think I might have tried taking the reflection down a bit so that it's not as distracting and maybe reduce the contrast of water ripples on her body. But I might have tried those and come back to what you have.

Overall I really like it. 5 stars from me.

Sam Emerson's picture

Very impressive, congratulations on a great photo!

great very immagative something to make us try harder keep up the good work.

Love it, she pulled off the pose beautifully