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Show your personal favorite from 2018

Please post your personal favourite from last year.

Just a few rules:
- Just one Photo per member
- Must be your own work
- No sexual harassament, violation, etc.

And here we go …

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Tafadzwa Busani Nazare's picture

There we go , simple

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Okay, no real nude, but like it.

Michael Grøn's picture

Naked wood nude

Phillip Breske's picture

Looks a little like the location I used in my shot, shared below.... :)

Bill Lemon's picture

The old truck story.....

Phillip Breske's picture

The set I did with Trixie on this day was special to me because it was our second attempt at this location. The first time, after just 30 frames, my camera's shutter snapped. It was seven years old and had over 100,000 actuations, so it was not unexpected. I quickly bought a new body and we tried again. This was one from that second day:

Jan Terpstra's picture

From the series "The Box"

Nir Roitman's picture

One of my favorites from this session, came out that it was the most modest also. other from the same session are in my fstoppers portfolio.

Peter Grogono's picture

How to choose? ... so many! But here's one of my favourites.

EL PIC's picture

Anticipation ..

Scott Braddick's picture

More Dance nude than art nude...

Ettore Timi's picture

In My Bedroom.