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First Nude Shoot

Actually - I don't do people at all very often. But I got the opportunity to give this a try. I posted one or two from the shoot a while back but have gotten more interested in this subject. I am hoping to get some feedback. There were two models. I'll post the fist model here and then use the feedback to work on the second.

I appreciate all constructive input!

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Bill Lemon's picture

A couple of those are very nice...

Julian Ray's picture

Ruth, your passion for line and form come through very well in these images. Good work!

Mike Young's picture

I like the fourth the most, followed by two and three then one least. Personally, I think the less obvious the image the greater the impact. They all seem quite dark but that could be my ipad...Nice to see alternate subject matter from you and others, we have to learn and demonstrate different skills, which I feel broadens our wider mastery of the field. What lighting, exposure and lens were used?

EL PIC's picture

To me these are more correctly called implied figure and portrait than nude. Implied tends to be my most common form of Nude and Figure. But sometimes I go full nude.
I like 2 and 3 most but they are more portrait than nude.
Very nice lighting and warm.
Would you state how you did them ??

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Thanks for the input! Check out Before & After group with moderator Joe Cole. I posted the first one there. You will be surprised. Maybe in a good way and maybe in a bad.

Musing Eye's picture

I love the fourth one in particular. I find I come back to bodyscapes and nudes like that after doing other work and find it refreshing. It can all be about the shape of the body and how the light falls. In my opinion, it can become very abstract and not so obviously a human form anymore, just beautiful curves. That fourth one absolutely is a great example of what I like in that realm.

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Oh, and on the technical side I think that thoughtful dodging and burning to emphasize shadow and curve are the key. I don't know how much editing went into #4, but I could see how different crops or takes of #1 could also end up with such forms.

Sam David's picture

They are all quite good, but the sharp shadows balancing the very dark background in #4 are outstanding.

Thurston Munn's picture

Wow, nice captures, especially found #4 intriguing.