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Lighting angles for implied

Very new to photography and new to this group. Hoping to get some feedback on lighting angles, implied concept, editing and general overall constructive criticism. Thank you!

***Adding one more I liked, attempting to highlight a specific body part...thanks in advance for any feedback.

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Hello Jason and welcome. There are of course a lot of way to approach things, so these are all general comments.

First one is so dark in this treatment it's hard for me to suggest more than brightening - I can just barely see the eye there.

Second one is close to some bodyscape-style lighting I like to do with a gridden strip softbox. That angle of light can make the body lines very dramatic. I'd recommend thinking more about how you want those lines to run - you may find that cropping down may find interesting shapes. I have one or two in that general space here on Fstoppers, but more on my IG and Flickr if you want to compare notes.

The third one is perhaps the most interesting from the body shape. the almost-silhouette means we're getting hints of the shape of his musculature around the edges at his leg, with some interesting mystery around the face.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to provide your feedback. Those are some great tips I will definitely take away and put to use. It means alot to get your opinion and learn from others such as yourself who have traveled this journey much longer than I. I checked out some of your work and it looks amazing, I'll be using some of it for some inspiration.

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Thanks. Just don't take any of our opinions too seriously either. :)

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Lol not easy to do when ur a complete newbie but appreciate that! :). I appreciate ur kindness!!

Pretty interesting, maybe a tad dark but it's by your design, still nice work.

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Thank you, Thurston. The comments are making me think I need to be a bit more purposeful in my shots. Really putting more focus into them. I like to capture the lines and curvature of the human body while leaving some mystery to the shot as well. That said I agree alot of them are turning out a bit darker and not portraying enough of the lines and lighting angles of the body. Than you for your feedback and kindness!

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Jason - i like these, especially #2 and 3 --- #1 is a bit dark, but after looking at it for a while the subject emerges

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Thanks Josef, for the candid feedback. Trying to find my style and technique so the darkness comment definitely helps!