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La pluralité des nus

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George Popescu's picture

Great job on lighting, wondering what lens you've used for these shots?

Looks like a zoom lens, maybe 85mm or 100mm?

stephane rouxel's picture

I used the fuji 90mm f/2, a great lens

pdbreske's picture

Out of curiosity, were these all made on the same day? Or did you bring in the models on different occasions?

stephane rouxel's picture

One model per week during 16 weeks, same setup for each one, some models came from 400km just for it

Jay Mcgilicuddy's picture

At first I did not care for your second picture and yet I kept thinking about it and coming back to it and finally realized that it is a great picture because it challenges everything that most people would appreciate in a nude image. It forces you to consider that nude beauty is not real unless it encompasses reality and reality is not only thin muscled bodies. I now consider the image to exhibit beauty and bravery, well done and thank you.

Jon Miller's picture

A great set of images reminds me of another photographers project and she just had her exhibit in Bangkok