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Shot with wife

Hey guys
Been a while And now several kids later

My wife and her mommy tummy.
What you all think? What are some poses or ideas that would work for this style?

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wonderful image.

Wonderful image.

Great model. I'd like to see the same pose except place a red rose or a purple rose.

Agreed. Not only would it be much more visually dynamic... You'd be exchanging a kinda vauge ambiguous prop that is hard to tell if its a mushroom, shower loofah, wct LoL

It all depends on which direction you want to go. If it's towards creating the 'magazine-perfect' woman, sweet and with an impeccable figure, then any poses concealing realities would be advisable. Play with light and shadow, focus on specific body parts (hips, buttocks, back, and the outline of the head)... These are just examples. On the other hand, there's a more naturalistic option, I don't know if it's not more challenging, as it will resonate only with those who respect the phenomenon/miracle of 'motherhood' :)