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Newbie in Photography

Hey everybody
I am new to photography (I've started about 3 month ago). I am taking mostly sports photos because I am doing a lot of sports. I love the community from F-stoppers. There are so many awesome Pics. I am going to show you 3 Pics wich I have taken and I really would appreciate your Critics about my Photograph.. Sorry for my bad English because it is not my mother language. I am base in Switzerland.

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Richard Morwood's picture

Hi Caetano
I really like your first shot. I shoot Triahlon's and the swimming leg is always the hardest part to get any good shots of. I've always had in mind a shot like that but can't get the angle at our open-water event.
So glad to see it done and looking great! While the swimmers hand does show good technique, it is unfortunately blocking their face. They are usually wearing goggles sot eh eyes are out - but with their mouths open gasping for breath, swimmers always look more in "action".
See this for example - https://fstoppers.com/photo/117876
Also compare to your second image with the face showing.
With your second image, I love the water definition in his hand and facial expression - good capture of movement and exertion however the face is too far out of focus. Stop down, get more in focus, or have your focus already set at the water level. I feel it could also use some work in post, there is light and dark but no mid-area.

The third one, I would have gone more to your left. Instead of looking back at the start block, this would have you looking a little in the swimming direction, giving the swimmers space to move into the frame.

Caetano Chappuis's picture

Hey Richard
I really appreciate your comment. On the second picture, I miss focus but I thought it still looks cool because of his expression... I will look out for your tips on my next shoot.
Your picture looks amazing. Thanks for sharing it.

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Really like the first photo! Great shot. I don't know much about photographing swimming so I can't contribute too much!

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Thanks man..:-)