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My favorites From June

Tiffanie and I have been shooting together for nearly ten years and this past weekend we decided to take a day trip photo explore to get out of the Las Vegas heat. We met early and drove up to mountains above Cedar City Utah for some high elevation summer photos. The meadow at 10,000 feet elevation was our first stop and it was filled with flowers and we spent a couple of hours shooting various outfits. We then moved down into Cedar Canyon and shot some bikini images in the creek. These are a couple of my favorite images from the day.

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Dude, next time you shoot in this area let me know!!! I'm based in Saint George!
These shots are super awesome, by the way!

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Processing on the first has left her with a shiny, oily face. Less so on the second but still present. Mask her face in and soften. That would save the first shot, which is a good one.