New work for #thebodyproject

Greetings to everybody! I'm new to his community, or I should say I'm just starting to be active in it. This my first discussion. I wanted to share a personal series of mine - #thebodyproject - it's a word play between body - the human body and body the lingerie. In summary it's all about women and their body features, their sensuality and...

Boudoir pics - feedback requested

Hey guys,
Complete amateur but very keen and budding boudoir tog here.

A friend asked me to do some bridal boudoir pics ahead of her wedding late in the summer. I'd really appreciate some feedback in order to try to improve my technique in prod and post-prod.

Thanks in advance!

First boudoir photoshoot

So this type of work is very much new for me but I wanted to try it out. I used mostly natural light with a tiny bit of artificial light. I used my Sony A7RIII and a Sigma 35mm f/1.4. I'd love to hear feedback from the community! Whether or not this type of photography is something I continue to do, I always want to develop my craft.

Very New Photographer Here!

Hello all, I am a very new photographer and this is a shot or two from some of my latest work. I used all natural light on a Nikon 3200 body with a Nikkor 35mm F1.8 shot wide open. I would love to hear any and all tips you might have for me!

In Studio with Miriam

Shot this in my small studio space. Natural light with an off camera speed light bounced around the studio to provide some fill. Recently painted one of my apple boxes with a distressed paint job which I think really adds to the vibe of this image.

You can follow me on Instagram to see more:

Looking for “old” app created for fStoppers

I’m on the hunt for a program that was created a few years back.
Below is a video that shows the app.
I used to have it but then I went and replaced my computer and thought I could download it again but it’s not there anymore.

I’m starting to recreate the app but it’s taking me MUCH longer then I was hoping.

Here’s the...

Muse project vs monitor as lighting setup

Hi everyone! In this study I wanted to test the rule that any lighting can give fine results. First I've tryed a Ikea LED desk lamp for the shooting, but it didn't worked for the type of shot that I wanted. Than I thought: Why not to use the lighting of my big monitor? To get the it I created a flat white color layer on Photoshop and used...