New to the group!

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Hey there everyone! New to the group. I am a boudoir photographer at JT Noir Studios in North Florida as well as an FStoppers staff writer. I am looking forward to joining in the discussions and...


I'm new here!

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Hey there, just want to stop and say hello and introduce myself, and drop a couple of photos :-)

I can't wait to learn some stuff from y'all in this category!

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Hey Everyone!!

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My name is Rex Jones, I live in Saint George, Utah. To this day, I still don't classify myself as a 'portrait photographer', I just like hiking too much! But, I do dabble in portraiture from time...

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From what I understand, boudoir is all about helping someone look and feel their absolute best. As you can see from this shot, my subject here didn't have many of the curves that you might expect...




Hi everyone.
I am very new to photography but would love to specialise in this kind of photography.

I have tried to take some of my wife, with her permission, but they never seem to...


New to group

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I'm an "advanced amateur" and been shooting boudoir since 2001, before I knew it had a name. My hobby studio is Intriguing Images, in Huntsville, Alabama. Hope to share and learn from the group.

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Just Joined

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I'm a new member to Fsroppers and boudoir is a favorite genre of mine, so naturally this would be one of my first stopping off points. 😄

Here is one of my latest favorites.


From a Recent Shoot

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Not really a whole lot of posting going on in here yet, but this group is still young. Just thought I'd post one from a shoot I did recently to see if I can get the ball rolling a bit. :)



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My favorite angles are up close and personal. I love finding the curves and accentuating them, making the image almost a tease for what the entirety of the model could be.