wanted to try something a bit different than my usual aesthetic
self portrait from a few weeks ago, taken at lumin estate

Testing a set up

Posing and styling maybe not there, but the point of this was to test a fun little set up.

Shot with a Ricoh GRIII with a Profoto B2. Hotel was a good size but still didn’t mean I didn’t have to sit under the desk to get the shot. It is one step closer to an even smaller travel set up for more fun work. Snapseed edit on iPad. Again, this...

Thinking 'Bout You

Currently My Favorite Picture.

I love the vintage feel, so that's why there's some noise, scratches, specs, and slightly faded blacks.

I really want an opinion about the blue veins in her chest? Do I edit those out or leave them in?

Any and all critique is welcomed

Camera: Sony A7ii
Lens: Sony 85mm 1.8

Ruta de las Cascadas

First time posting Boudoir images on Fstoppers.
Looking for feedback.

Photo 1

Sony A7RIII w/ 55mm 1.8 Zeiss

ISO 100

Model D.S.

Photo 2

Sony A7RIII w/ 70-200 2.8

ISO 100

Model D.S.

On the bed

I took this photo in a vintage studio with natural lights which come from some bigger windows.
All comments and feedbacks are welcomed.

EXIF: 85mm/ƒ/1.8/1/200s/ISO 200

First Post - Some of my favorite model

This is my first post to this site. These are a few shots from last year that I have finally got around to editing and posting. She is my best friend, and a great and willing model! Feedback welcome!

(P.S. The colors look far better in Photoshop and on my screen. I'll have to play with a proper color profile for showing on this site)

Featured Contest Entry

Well, I never mind having an excuse to post pictures of pretty people, but apparently we've got a contest going. Here's an entry to that! Cheers!!

First boudoir photoshoot

So this type of work is very much new for me but I wanted to try it out. I used mostly natural light with a tiny bit of artificial light. I used my Sony A7RIII and a Sigma 35mm f/1.4. I'd love to hear feedback from the community! Whether or not this type of photography is something I continue to do, I always want to develop my craft.