Boudoir in a field

Well not exactly boudoir but you get the idea. Had censor a few shots from the shoot so we could post them as #instasafe to and her personal feed.

Rare Ruby

More shots from the boudoir shoot with Ruby. I used a canon 6D & 85 1.2 flashpoint xplor600 and a beaty dish. Critics always welcome

Black and White in Black & White

Hello, all. This is a concept shot I did recently. The idea was to convey energy and emotion, like love, lust, sex, and sensuality through a black and white, yin and yang, him and her, two are one kind of image. What do you think? Any feedback is welcome. Thanks in advance!

In Studio with Miriam

Shot this in my small studio space. Natural light with an off camera speed light bounced around the studio to provide some fill. Recently painted one of my apple boxes with a distressed paint job which I think really adds to the vibe of this image.

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New here <3

Hello, just dropping by to share and connect. I have been shooting for 10 years and Boudoir exclusive for 3; I specialize in emotive black and white boudoir. I look forward to seeing everyone's work!

Boudoir with a 70-200mm. What!?

Believe it or not, I shot pretty much every single frame from this session with the 70-200mm. I would have never though to try that before yesterday, but it actually worked quite well! Sure, there were a few moments when I really wished I had a 50mm with me, but I just took that opportunity to force my self outside my comfort zone to try some...