Muse project vs monitor as lighting setup

Hi everyone! In this study I wanted to test the rule that any lighting can give fine results. First I've tryed a Ikea LED desk lamp for the shooting, but it didn't worked for the type of shot that I wanted. Than I thought: Why not to use the lighting of my big monitor? To get the it I created a flat white color layer on Photoshop and used...

Moody Meridith

Canon 6D and canon 85 1.2 @ 2 ISO 50 1/100 sec 28" beauty dish flashpoint color camera left. Critiques always welcome instagram: pjrphotographyllc

Boudoir in a field

Well not exactly boudoir but you get the idea. Had censor a few shots from the shoot so we could post them as #instasafe to and her personal feed.

Rare Ruby

More shots from the boudoir shoot with Ruby. I used a canon 6D & 85 1.2 flashpoint xplor600 and a beaty dish. Critics always welcome