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Martin Strauss's picture

it's all about your POV

Working with Zhanna always fills me with joy, and i am almost sure getting some nice images ...
here i was playing with light and my perspective ...

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Tomash Masojc's picture

Cool, as always looks very good :) i like your style

Martin Strauss's picture

thx Tomash - i like your style, too :)

Gerd Moors's picture

Great work Martin.

Jay Smith's picture

This excellent. My very first camera given to me by my parents was a Kodak Brownie Fiesta film camera. I shot a lot of b&w film. I still love b&w images. This model is absolutely beautiful. The lighting is wonderful. Thank you for sharing this images. I pray you continue to capture images of this model and share them.

Carlos Santero's picture

Hey Martin, you are defenitely right! PoV is one of the most important things of photography. Not only on People photography!
I like the way you use the light here very much! Your model own a very comfortable body and you refine this with lights.

afterRAW .com's picture

Damn ....

Artful. Love the lighting contrast and the posing really accentuates the natural curve of the body. Only a minor point is that her hand gets lost in the dark background.

John Pettigrew's picture

Beautiful image