New here <3

Hello, just dropping by to share and connect. I have been shooting for 10 years and Boudoir exclusive for 3; I...

Boudoir with a 70-200mm. What!?

Believe it or not, I shot pretty much every single frame from this session with the 70-200mm. I would have never though...

This was my first time doing boudoir-style photography. Any suggestions for me? =)

I was shooting this for an Etsy shop called Caresse LLC, she needed models for her lingerie, so I shot the lingerie on...

Featured Photog Contest Entry from Thailand

Greetings from The East! If you guys are in the FStoppers Group on Facebook, I'm the dude that's posting about getting...

My Favorite Photo From June

Shot this session on the last day of June and just had her reveal a few days ago, needless to say I did the happy dance...

Kimberly Mz Red Rosa

I have been shooting a wide variety of "boudoir" pose photos for about 10 years....I especially like this one!

Rack 'Em Up

Shot with window light, while on vacation - yep, always working.

My favorites From June

Tiffanie and I have been shooting together for nearly ten years and this past weekend we decided to take a day trip...

Favorite Photo from June!!

This is probably one of my favorite shots from this past month. It took a little trial-and-error to figure out how to...


I just used candles for this photoshot. Do you have any suggestions to improve it? EXIF. 50mm, f/2, 1/80, ISO1000

new shot of Montse

all avaliable light some heavy raw converting via capture one small skin retouching via photoshop hope you'll enjoy it!


From a shoot I did recently in a tiny hotel room.

"This too will pass"

Boudoir detail shot.

Featured Photographer Entry

The 3 images are from my Body Confidence Campaign where this year's recipient was a breast cancer survivor. We...

Totally missed the deadline

but thought I'd share a photo or two anyways. I am just about to move all my boudoir from my main site (primarily...

sexy mood

D750 and one warm light (bedside lamp) to create soft mood. What do you think? follow me @giorgiozamboni

Tweaked my branding AGAIN

I find myself more and more wanting to simplify.... So this is the latest, greatest, and hopefully last for a while...

Intro Post from Austin, TX

I missed the deadline to post my entry to the featured photog contest... so here are some of my recent shots. CC...

A little more traditional

A few images I took in the more traditional process. You know, with an actual DSLR rather than a movie comera. : )