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Association of International Boudoir Photographers Retreat 2021

This event is open to both AIBP and Non-AIBP Members

With our world opening back up again AIBP (Association of International Boudoir Photographers) is holding their annual retreat this Fall in Boston, Massachusetts November 5-8!

We have assembled and amazing line up of instructors on topics that will benefit every level of photographer who is looking to take their business to the next level. Come learn in an up close studio environment from Jerry Ghionis, Makayla Jade Harris (Printographers Society), Easton Reynolds (The Art of Six Figures), Jamie Gregory Pfister (The Adore Girls), and Jacqueline Tobin (Rangefinder). In addition to classroom instruction there will be ample portfolio building opportunity with provided models. And lastly and most importantly the chance to connect with your peers face to face making lasting friendships.

For more details or to reserve your seat for the event use the following link or do not hesitate to message me directly.


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Brian Cover's picture

November in Boston? That will be cold....
How about having a winter event in the southwest where the weather will be a nice 75˚F?

Shawn Black's picture

Brian it is not super cold in the beginning of November in Boston, usually in the 50’s. And the retreat moves around year to year.