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Hey Everybody

Hope you are doing well

This picture was taken in Zermatt Switzerland.. It was worth it, waiting for the Milky way until 2 O clock...
I am new to Astro, so I would appreciate a few critique of this picture.

Specs: Vertikal Panorama with 3 Shot, ISO:3200, 15Sec Exposure, @18mm, @f1.8.

cheers from Switzerland

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Awesome photo. Im visiting Zermatt in December and am planing on doing a bit of astro photography ( if i can survive the cold). Was this laken at lake Riffelsee? Was it hard to get here after dark? Would you mind sharing any tips or tricks or other good locations that I could go? Cheers

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Hey Micheal
This Photo was taken at the Stellisee.. Stellisee is actually the only lake with the best view of the Matterhorn. I am not sure about Astro Photography in December, because the Milky way is getting lower to the winter (except you only want to photograph the stars)...If you want I can tell you the state of the Milky way in November (going to photograph).....
Go there early enough (before sunset), because of the people (When I was there it was very crowded).
you need to go up by gondola (I think its called like that) and in Zermatt cars aren't allowed, so you need to go by train...
Good Tipp photographing in the mountains of Switzerland: Stay WARM!! It can be very, very cold outside...

I do not really recommend to go after dark, because lot of good places you need to take the Gondola (Mountains) and it closes in the evening ( I think at 5pm, but you need to check it out)..

Locations: I really recommend Wallis or Tessin (Easier said south of Switzerland). In Wallis you have nice Mountains like the Eggishorn (You see the aletschgletscher), the Furkapass, Zermatt and a lot more..
In Tessin you can make very nice hikes without being on a mountain and you get a lot of nice opportunities to photograph a lot different genre.. I would recommend Locarno and hiking down the Versacatal....Really incredible...

If you have any questions feel free to ask :-)
Take care and have fun in Switzerland :-)


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Caetano, excellent image, I am looking forward seeing more of your work.

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Thank you... really appreciate it :-)