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Milky Way Photography over an abandoned Train Trestle

Hey fellow astro lovers!

First disclaimer, I am not in love with the images I personally got from this trip to the Trestle. Brendon might like his but I am just meh over mine but it was a great practice and I am very glad we filmed the whole thing so I can learn from my mistakes and share them with others.

To be fair, in the video I wasn't clear at the time what mistakes I was making so the video doesn't have me detailing the mistakes, but in the comment replies and in our podcast I spoke more about the things I could have done better.

As I just said over in the Landscape Photography group, my buddy and I started Photog Adventures last fall to chronicle our adventures going out with our cameras as amateurs advancing to novice and beyond. Since September we have been out to awesome locations here in Utah. With Astrophotography we are exceptionally lucky to live here in Utah because of our terrifically dark skies! This Trestle is merely 30-40 minutes from my home and yet the sky is dark enough to provide this scene!

As we go out and make mistakes and sometimes succeed we chronicle everything in these YouTube videos and on our weekly podcast.

Again, I am open to harsh criticism as it will help us get better and hopefully someday inspire other amateurs with day jobs and families to get out more with their cameras and have adventures too!

Thanks for taking time to read this and hope you enjoyed watching the video! :D


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Hmmm, haven't gotten a comment on any of my posts. Maybe this community isn't as active - chatting at least - as I thought. Thanks to all of you who watched though, really appreciate it! 😄