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Joshua Tree With Milky Way and Dusky Sky

This is my favorite edit, very happy with it. But as always critiques are welcome!

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Jeremy Martignago's picture

Nice shot love the colours

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Moritz Traber's picture

awsome shot, great color love the clouds at the bottom, i would like to light up the top part of the image a bit looks bit too black or a softer Graduated filter to the top but great work on the milkyway

Dan Grayum's picture

I will lighten up the filter on the top and see how it looks, thanks for the input!

Ryan Luna's picture

I like how that light pollution or setting sun is bouncing off the clouds.

Dan Grayum's picture

Nornmally the light polution is not desirable but it works in this image.Its amazing how much light the camera gathers that your eyes do not. It was pitch black out there!