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(M42)Orion Nebula, (M43) De Mairan’s Nebula and (Sh2-279) Running Man Nebula from Mouna Loa.

Late night adventures! 11/2/19 11:30pm
(M42)Orion Nebula, (M43) De Mairan’s Nebula and (Sh2-279) Running Man Nebula from Mouna Loa. This was my second attempt doing deep sky astrophotography and I think it came out pretty good. Still trying to create cleaner files with low noise tho.

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Dr J's picture

That photo is great.

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I've tried this very shot several times and I can feel the work and hours you put into this; deep space is a whole other ballgame over Milky Way shots. Excellent photo. Have you tried Andromeda?

With these cooler nights and changing of the seasons where I live, I had to pick up a lens warmer. heh.

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thank you and Andromeda is on my to do list. In Hawaii its never really changes throughout the year so I have not used a lens warmer.

Beautiful job!

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can you tell us about your process? (lens, ISO, camera,)

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This was my second attempt and i was not prepared to shoot this. a couple of friends and I went out to photograph lava tubes on the slopes of Mauna Loa on the big island of Hawaii. after the light faded we decided to stay out longer and we ended up shooting Orion. I used a very old Canon 600mm FD lens on a Skywatcher tracker with a Sony A7R III. I did not expect to even edit the photo or even try to process it. it was a multiple exposure blend and all frames were shoot at 3200 so next time when I'm prepared ill try a lower ISO.

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Well I've seen a lot of images of this subject and depending on what equipment you used to capture it would tell me how impressive the shot actually is. A beautiful shot regardless though. And if I would have taken it I would be proud to show it off.

Definitely a star tracker / equatorial mount
CCD or Full Frame DSLR
30 to 120 mins of exposure time.
Its processed to the bleu/magenta side
because the reds of this image aren't showing up as much I'd say its a full frame DSLR as a CCD wouldn't have the IR cut filter blocking the Ha light.

I'm super curios how you got the shot. as are most people I'm sure.

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Sony A7R III, Canon 600mm FD lens, on a skywatcher tracker.( this tracker was not made for heavy lenses so not recommended for deep-sky photography.) ISO 3200 multiple exposures.

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nice pict. I tried a similar shot a couple of weeks ago, but when I processed it I didn't have any color. Guess I will have to try again.

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I'm trying to get more color in my deep-sky photography. Hopefully, I come away with a shot that I'm happy with.

Cody Yamaguchi's picture

Thank you, Trafford!! I'm just starting deep-sky photography! Hopefully, ill end up with a shot I truly love.