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Victor Jolley's picture

Lonley speck

took this image about 3 yrs ago in a place called Soar cove in the south of England , its a composite of 3 images , but i think the fire is too much , any help would be appreciated

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William Hunter's picture

The fire draws my focus from the horizon

Victor Jolley's picture

yea think your right ., thanks William

John Pless's picture

since it is a composite anyway... I might just crop it from the right side over to between the fire and the water.

Victor Jolley's picture

how do you mean composite its the same scene at different exposures , is that what you mean by composite

Deleted Account's picture

Victor... I'm kind of butting in... when I think of "composite" I think it means taking images from different locations and combining them. In your image's case... you seem to be layering them in... all layers of the same location at your different exposures. Did I get it right?

Might just be semantics. I'm learning a whole new language in photography.

Victor Jolley's picture

that right its time blending not different location images

John Pless's picture

i just followed your description. I assumed that when you said composite that you meant pano.