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Victor Jolley's picture

Lonley speck

Taken a couple of years ago a blend of 3 images , i think the fire is too much , any help would be appreciated

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Jaspreet Sidhu's picture

I actually really like the fire, It helps create a kind of story. I think your original gut feeling of shooting with the fire is spot on. I do however think that maybe the composition could have been a bit different. I'm no expert when it comes to this but maybe there will be others with more experience than me who can kind of come along and tell you what a different approach could have been.

Tim Zurowski's picture

I also do not mind the fire, but would like to see one with and without (if it was possible) to compare. :) I think just the fire without the headlight would be a bit better though. Keeps it in "nature" and would improve the mood slightly for me. Love the setting and how you framed the Milky Way with the landscape.