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First ever astro shot

Hi Guys,

Just thought I would post my first ever astro shot, this was taken out in porteau cove in Vancouver. I had camped with my previous partner and woke up at around 3 am in the middle of winter to catch this photo. There was lots of wind and other things working against me but I was able to get a photo that I could be happy with. This was shot with a 24mm focal length. I have alot to learn about photography and especially astro work, any feedback/help would really be appreciated. I've been shooting for about 1 year and have yet to find my niche, hopefully I find one soon :).

Gear used: xt20, xf16mm f1.4 (f2.0 to minimize coma), iso 3200, exposure for 8 seconds.

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Hi Jaspreet... for me, the niche is whatever subject of photography has caught my attention in the moment.

Good on you for getting out and taking the shot. It looks like you got a fair bit of light pollution from Vancouver to the south... which is crummy for the pursuit of great detail in astrophotography.

Have you heard about light pollution maps? The one I use is called Dark Sky Map. It's available as an app in the Google Play Store (android user here), but I think it's also downloadable to laptops, etc. That's a really good resource in helping you to plan out locations where you can maximize dark sky.

I love the Northwest, but three years ago found myself in Upstate NY so my sweetie could be closer to the lights of NYC. Gave up my dark skies. Waa! But, there are also tricks to overcome moderate light pollution in the form of red spectrum filters. Light pollution filters. You can see my first shot with a red filter in my gallery here on Fstoppers... graveyard in the foreground, MIlky Way behind.

I also have tons of "inspirational" Milky Way images that I look at online. And, pester the savvy guys around here form time to time to get tips. It's a ridicuously addictive pursuit... the Milky Way.

I'm glad you shared your work. I look forward to seeing your progression. :)

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Hi Cathleen, Yes I have heard of dark sky map. I use that as well as photopills, I originally went to this site based on some other astro shots that I had seen taken here (this was before I had learned how to use the app and just went in a bit blind). Turns up I was wrong and the milky way was facing southish and as a result I had to change my composition for face south vs north. Its also a bit cold out north for clean astro shots away from all of the light pollution. I'm have to carry winter camping kit as well as camera gear all by myself so without an adventure buddy astro shots are kind of out of the question. I will look more into filters etc for this upcoming summer as I'll be camping and hiking lots this year.

I do agree it is super addictive, and requires lots of dedication but I'm definitely looking forward to it for sure. Thank you for all of the information, really appreciated.

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It can definitely be a cold activity. I've got one kit of cold weather safety gear that never leaves my truck. Then there's the gear I take specifically for an astrophotography night, as well.

Don't forget your can of bear spray. Works for bears and humans alike. Haha.