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Why Do You Choose Black & White

I'm curious about what goes into your decision to either shoot in black & white in camera, or convert to black & white in post-processing. Do you shoot exclusively black & white? Or, do you determine that some images just are destined for black & white, but not others. What goes into your thought process in opting for b&w?

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I Shoot with a a7R II and have my picture profile set to B&W. I shoot RAW so the images are of course in color but when I shoot I want to everything in B&W and tweak it later in post. Stunning landscapes btw!

I prefer to work in B&W (done in post) because I like the way it focuses my intent when taking the photo better knowing that I am looking at color but will be making a B&W image. I also like the way that it can focus the viewer on different aspects that can be lost in the distraction of color.
And to be honest, I also like creating split-toned and monochromatic toned images as well. For some of my B&W, I think those work so very well.
Your landscapes are fantastic, btw!

I like to do B&W because it creates a certain myth. I do not only shoot B&W but quite often though. Either I shoot a scene directly BW when I feel, that this just fits, or i realize it during post processing. Many of my BW shots are in the dark, because I like the contrast coming out of it. Amazing landscapes, pal!