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Black and white from my last shoot.

Wanted to share a few black and whites from my latest shoot. Any feedback would be welcomed.

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Scott Hays's picture

Hey Anthony
Looks like you've got a really good start here. I like that you used the complete "natural" look with your model in the natural setting. It works really well.

On the middle image; maybe have her turn her head towards you just a little more. Or her chin towards the camera just a little more. I know the look you are going for; however by having her bring her chin towards you even an inch holding it at the same angle you take away the sharpness in the overall image. There isn't anything wrong with her profile; but with the softness in the overall nature, and the curves of her shoulders, back, etc... you now have the angles of her face which doesn't quite fit. That is being nitpicky; but it would make it fit just a little better.

On your post production, cut back on the dark edges a little or make them a little more transparent. Remember that in post, part of the idea is to make it look like post didn't take place. It is good framing but my eye is going to the edges of the print first then your model. Just a guess that your model is your primary subject? So in post always make sure that your primary subject is still being the primary subject and there is either a leading line to your subject or it is right in your face. Your last image where she is walking away is a perfect example. Her back is light enough to where that is exactly where my eye goes. Everything else is secondary. So I see her first, then I am able to scan the image for scenery, etc... Your middle image I fight a little between her face and the ground just to the right of her face. Which isn't bad because I'm still going to her face first; but I'm still struggling, and the dark around your edges does take me away some. And the top image is the one that really takes my eye to the edges. Beautiful image though. So maybe just back the edges off a little. More transparent.

Great images, great series. Great model. Maybe a few adjustments in post and I think you are there.

Look forward to seeing more work!!!