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Your Impressions , Please !

At 50 MPixels the Canon 5DSR is good and impressive at well lit subjects as much as it's dynamic range is not pushed too far . This shot was taken with a Canon 50 mm 1.4 , not the sharpest lens available , and with 6400 ISO on the 5 DSR . The shot was lit by 2 Manfrotto LED lights . Overall I think I could have done with f 5.6 instead of f 8.0 to blurry more the messy background and try to bring the ISO to 3200 . Does the model pose appease you ?

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The background is definitely distractive, probably f2.8 or f2.0 would've been better, and the model is great.

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Thanks for your opinion , George .

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Cool pose with a 60's look, seems candid but still looks good. eyes are not sharp, background clashes well i think.

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Thanks for your words Lorenzo . I can't tell for sure if I nailed the focus on the eyes because at ISO 6400 the sensor noise is too much of a distraction .

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just curious, why ISO so high?

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I tried to illuminate a dark scene with 2 Manfrotto LED lights . I needed at least 1/100 s to try to get a sharp shot on a 50 mm lens on the 5 DSR . I should have tried an aperture around f 5.6 or f 4.0 to get more light and blur a bit more the busy background .

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Can you reshoot wide open?

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Even if I could reshoot wide open , this particular Canon 50 mm isn't that sharp at f 1.4 or f 2.0 , by what I've seen published on the web .

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Great shot at 1.4 I think you made the right choice Cristiano : )

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Thanks Tracy . Still wishing to try this Canon 50 mm with at least f 5.6 or f 4.0 to check the sharpness . Old lens though . I am , like other Canon users waiting for a replacement for the Canon 50 mm 1.4 USM .

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I share both Sigma and Tamron With My Canon 70D and the results are Steller in Performance and focus CU ; ) I shoot between 1.8 and 4.5 myself and I love : )