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Well Travelled

Here is a shot I took of a rare event. I got this shot as it flew over DC.
Any comments are welcome. This is my first post, so would not be surprised if I have done something wrong. I know you all will be gentle with me if this is contravening any rules

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Just a neat shot. It reminds me of my most infamous 'if I only had a camera' moment.

I was in my office at Florida Steel (contractor) in Tampa. We used heavy equipment to service the mill and all of our machines had simple CB radios in them.

My crane operator yelled on the radio to come out of the office. My fear was he boomed the crane over or something.

Coming right at me at low level, we were on the glide path to MacDill AFB, was the Shuttle on NASA's 747. Bad weather over the Cape diverted the flight to MacDill. No camera!

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I nearly missed this one. I heard it was flying over that morning. Canceled my day to get this shot. It flew so close. Awesome experience.

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A shot worthy of being submitted to NASA: A-

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Thanks for the comment. I did try to wave it under NASA's nose. I didn't get a reply. I can imagine they get a lot of cool images from some of their events.

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Very nice picture, love the use of black and white on this one. Wish we got to see stuff like this more often, especially where I am in the UK.

A great moment well captured. The only thing I would consider is upping the shadows a little as I feel the aircraft might be a little dark. Might be the look you are going for though, that sort of thing is as much preference as anything.

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Hey there, thanks for the comment, I think I agree with you, when I took this the virtue of the shadows slider had not yet revealed itself to me. I need to try find the RAW file and do some remedial work.
I am actually from Taunton in Somerset. Been living in the states for 15 + years now. What part of the UK are you from?

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That’s awesome, didn’t expect that. I’m from Walsall in the West Midlands, quite central which is handy for whenever I do decide venture out.