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The french touch ?

Hello everybody ! i am a french amateur, i love portraits in Black and White, here are some photos i have made during the last two years, your feedbacks are welcome.
PS: sorry for my poor english…

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jnathanieldicke's picture

In my humble opinion, I'd say they are solid. Well done.

jnathanieldicke's picture

I can appreciate the modesty. I looked at your works. Again, well done.

amplighter's picture

Who are you trying to kid?. Amateur my ass.. qui essayez-vous de tromper

stephane rouxel's picture

bin si pourtant, amateur ne veut pas forcément dire débutant ni dilettante, je travaille et expérimente beaucoup

amplighter's picture

Certes, vos expérimente se sont très bien déroulées.

Antoine Le Metayer's picture

Really nice work! Le dernier portrait, ainsi que le premier, est de toute beauté.

stephane rouxel's picture

Merci Antoine, c'est super gentil

George Popescu's picture

C'est magnifiques!

The images are beautiful. The lighting appears to be from a single light source. Your lighting is solid: side lighting, Rembrant, Paramount (butterfly) and flat lighting are all well done. Keep up the good work

Oluyede Edward's picture

This is not an amateur product, nice work

Your English is fine. Your photos are wonderful!

I love your lighting.

Geoffrey Gilson's picture

Salut Stephane and Welcome :-)
Solid work indeed, i like the last one with the more grayish backdrop a lot...that and the freckles :-)
Very good lighting and black and white process :-) Do you use Silver Efex by any chance? :-)

stephane rouxel's picture

Hello Geoffrey, yes i use Silver Efex for the Ilford grain that i love so much