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I love shooting black and white, I feel that whoever is viewing it gets more of a story behind the image. I feel that we get a lot of our emotional response to a subject based on the color/tones in the photo. Removing those colors allow the viewer to explore the deeper meaning behind what the photographer is trying to tell you about the subject.

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Hi Kyle, I totally agree with your appraisal - with the absence of the distraction of color there is a heightened awareness of tone, texture and composition.
I like the composition and tonal range of your first image, just a couple of points;
- You have done a good job of making the man's hand out of focus, but it looks like the ring finger is slightly soft, with perhaps the focal point being on the 2nd finger. Perhaps a larger depth of field (smaller aperture/more light) or change of focal point would have helped.
- if this is an older couple, and the intent to display their prolonged love I would like to see more detail in the wrinkles (expression of time). It looks like you have contrast there, so it is down once again to sharpness or clarity.
- I would try toning down the hotspots on the man's hand and woman's wrist to hold the attention within the frame - a vignette may help also.

On you second image - again I like the composition, here's a couple of things I'd try;
- tone down the hotspot/whites on the wedding ring
- crop out 1/2 of the dead space on the left of the frame
- again see if you can bring out the wrinkles/details in the hands, this will help tell the story of time

Wonderful compositions, I'd love to see them after a bit of fine tuning!

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Awesome feedback!! Thank you very much!!

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Agree with Alan (yet again...) except about the crop for the second image. I like the thumb not looking jammed up against the left edge, the dark parts of the image reminding me subtly that this is probably in a room, in a house, with a history...

Keep it up! Well done