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Ana Sousa's picture

How do you know if it looks better in BW?

Sometimes I don't know.
By the way, what do you think of this une?
Thank you

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Phillip Breske's picture

To me, almost everything looks better in B&W. The only time I will produce a color photo is when the client requires it and then there had better be an important reason.

Having stated that, there are times when color is necessary. Images for a catalog, real estate, etc, have to be in color because the customer needs to know what they are buying and the photos need to be a reproduction of the product. For everything else, I’d rather create my own interpretation of the subject and black and white allows me to do that.

Julian Ray's picture

Strong Portrait Ana.
Maybe the way to look at colour vs mono is to think not in terms of "better" but rather in terms of... does the image tell the story you want tell.
Colour, like composition, lines, etc is just one of many tools in your tool box. There are times when the same image (example is your colour version of this image) can convey a very different story.
If you approach story telling from that perspective maybe you can learn to use monochrome as yet another way to tell the story you want to tell.

Ana Sousa's picture

Oh thank you, that's a really good response. I'll think about that